This day in the history of CzechCasting will be remembered either as Golden Opportunity Day or Bloody Damn Day… Because we have been visited by an angel of beauty. We’ve had lots of nice girls here, several especially nice ones even, but only a handfull of truly beautiful and exceptionally fine women – like today’s catch. Nineteen years old Miroslava belongs, without any doubt, to the top of the imaginary beauty-of-the-white-couch chart. Take a look for yourself. Her poses seemed so natural and yet so damn enticing! Our photographer couldn’t hide his excitement and the urge to go for her luxurious pussy in an all-out frontal attack… But an etheric being such as herself could hardly move around without protection. Miroslava’s „pitbull“, her jealous and ready-for-anything boyfriend, was with her all the time. It wasn’t easy even to convince him to drink his coffee in the calm of the next room. Thus changing this whole angelic casting into a tense thriller, which could explode into a bloody horrorshow any minute… One hell of a ride. Check it out.
Featuring: Miroslava 2520